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Learning management that makes sense

Cambeo Platform Solutions built for learning

Solutions: Learning Library

Proven out of the box training library that includes reviewed videos and articles to help your team on-board, improve sales, and impact culture. Track and automate training for all your employees. Invest in your team, improve customer experience, and boost team impact on success.

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Solutions: Custom Learnings

Every store and every member of your team is unique, with distinct skills and personalities. Create custom learnings that fit your needs, then test and analyze them to discover which skills and team members have the greatest impact. Build on-boarding plans that are unique to your brand, and build a crack-team of high performing experts.

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Solutions: Training Quizzes

Training is only as good as the impact it has on your people and goals. An employee could train all day, and not internalize any of the skillset being trained. That's why all of our training include the ability to quiz and follow up on key points and competencies presented in a training. Know that the skills are getting to your team, save time, and make a difference.

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Solutions: Performance Experts

When you become a Cambeo client, you gain a partner that is invested in the success of your business. Our success team are experts in not only the platform, but how to USE the platform to drive performance and results. Our experts also leverage the data, experience, and success of all Cambeo clients.

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