Meet Rudy Ruettiger of "Rudy" the movie at Shoptalk 2017

Mike Jensen

Cambeo to host meet and greet with “Rudy” at Booth #1237 to launch new mobile productivity tool Silicon Slopes, UT, March 16, 2017– Cambeo, an employee performance app, today announces Rudy Ruettiger of “Rudy – The Movie” fame will join the company at Shoptalk 2017 to meet and greet attendees and exhibitors. 

Rudy will be joining Cambeo as part of the launch of its new mobile productivity tool, Frontline, and will be at booth #1237 March 20th from 8:30–10:00 am and from 11:30 am–2pm. 

“Retail employees are the underdogs or ‘Rudy’ of the work force. They start off at the bottom trying to gain experience, but rarely expect a good wage, a good experience or any career mobility. We need to change that mindset,” said Ruettiger. “I’m here at Shoptalk with Cambeo to meet with retailers who want to get the best out of their employees because that’s what Cambeo is about, that’s what I’m about, and retailers need to see this.” 

Cambeo is officially launching a new mobile productivity tool to its existing employee productivity app that will allow retailers the ability to deliver custom and recurring tasks, follow-up communication, pulse surveys, and personal scorecards of every team member. Cambeo invites all Shoptalk attendees to visit their booth(#1237), meet and take a picture with Rudy, enter to win a personally signed Notre Dame Football mini helmet, and find out more about Cambeo. 

For more information about Cambeo, or to interview Vaughn Peterson, CEO of Cambeo and Rudy Ruettiger at Shoptalk, contact Mike Jensen, at