Retail Engagement

"My employees just aren't engaged."

  • Establish Culture
    Leadership establishes a culture of engagement and visibility through tools that allow every member of the team to know their impact, goals, and assignments.
  • Set Expectations
    Analyze which activities are attached to improvement in key performance indicators, differentiate them from tasks that are just 'part of doing business'.
  • Focus on Performance
    When every member of the team knows the time they are spending on a project matters, engagement improves, and performance efficiency increases.
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Cambeo Platform Solutions built for efficiency

Solutions: Frontline Mobile

Cambeo's Frontline mobile application allows you to create employee level task lists, assign repeatable sets of daily assignments, track and monitor success and completion time, then capture and analyze unique employee-level behavioral data.

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Solutions: Performance Experts

When you become a Cambeo client, you gain a partner that is invested in the success of your business. Our client success team are experts in not only the platform, but how to USE the platform to drive performance and results. Our experts also leverage the data, experience, and success of all Cambeo clients.

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Solutions: Advanced Analytics

Predict future performance and uncover hidden insights with powerful analytics and data visualizations. We crunch the data that we gather from the store evaluations, employee reviews along with your financial information. We then run statistical analyses to find out what performance changes will make the biggest financial impact and package them in a visual dashboard. This powerful feature provides your management, managers and employees with the information and direction they need to truly make a difference.

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Solutions: Store Surveys

Our store surveys show how your stores measure up against each other and our roadmap for success. This allows management and managers the ability to benchmark performance and design dynamic goals to boost store, region, and business revenues.

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