Retail Hiring

"We can't find and hire the right people"

  • Understand the Job
    Identify the core competencies that apply to job you are hiring for & analyze those of your most successful employees. Then create a job listing that includes those competencies.
  • Get the Right Candidates
    Conduct "Behavioral Event Interviews", then select potential second-stage candidates based on their behavioral event stories and how they match the success oriented core competencies.
  • Pick the Right People
    Once you have narrowed down your choices, conduct background checks and select the ideal candidate based on potential fit and performance.
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Cambeo Platform Solutions built for hiring and retention

Solutions: Frontline Mobile

Cambeo's Frontline mobile application allows you to create employee level task lists, assign repeatable sets of daily assignments, track and monitor success and completion time, then capture and analyze unique employee-level behavioral data.

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Solutions: Employee Surveys

Automated employee reviews focus on performance skills and competencies and reveal employee actions that have proven to drive revenue. Managers can review reports and employee trends, and discover opportunities for growth and improvement!

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Solutions: Advanced Analytics

Predict future performance and uncover hidden insights with powerful analytics and data visualizations. We crunch the data that we gather from the store evaluations, employee reviews along with your financial information. We then run statistical analyses to find out what performance changes will make the biggest financial impact and package them in a visual dashboard. This powerful feature provides your management, managers and employees with the information and direction they need to truly make a difference.

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Solutions: Learning Management

Track and automate training for all your employees. Invest in your team, improve customer experience, and boost team impact on success. Includes both the Cambeo training library of professionally produced and tested courses and bite-sized trainings, as well as the ability to create your own training libraries. Includes the ability to require and score knowledge post training with custom test forms.

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