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"We need visibility and validation"

  • Gather Data & Set Goals
    To gain the insights you need, gathering the relevant data in one place, prepping the data for review, and setting your goals are the first steps.
  • Evaluate & Plan
    Then track and evaluate performance against your goals using consistent measurements and reports. Review the results from all levels and multiple angles.
  • Make the Right Changes
    Identify exceptional performers at the region, store, and employee level - then create processes to replicate success. Utilize advanced analytics to predict the impact positive changes will have.
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Cambeo Platform Solutions built for insights

Solutions: Frontline Mobile

Cambeo's Frontline mobile application allows you to create employee level task lists, assign repeatable sets of daily assignments, track and monitor success and completion time, then capture and analyze unique employee-level behavioral data.

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Solutions: Employee and Store Surveys

Survey culture, voice-of-the-people, and 360 feedback at the region, store, and employee level. Discover hidden perceptions and blind spots in your organization. Know what is going on everywhere in your company.

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Solutions: Advanced Analytics

Predict future performance and uncover hidden insights with powerful analytics and data visualizations. We crunch the data that we gather from the store evaluations, employee reviews along with your financial information. We then run statistical analyses to find out what performance changes will make the biggest financial impact and package them in a visual dashboard. This powerful feature provides your management, managers and employees with the information and direction they need to truly make a difference.

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Solutions: Dashboards & Reports

Review relevant insights, slice down to any level of your organization, plan and execute on predictive analytics, and see issues before they happen - all together on one retail performance intelligence platform. Know at a glance what would otherwise take hours or days to build and review.

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